What Is Latin Fusion?

What is Latin Fusion?  Latin Fusion is a fusion of culture, a blend of flavors of not only Mexico but the tropical flavors and ingredients prevalent throughout Central and South America.  Latin Fusion Foods serves to be an established caterer and distributer of Latin cuisine in the Phoenix area.  Chef Scott seeks to produce a Latin food experience that is much more than Mexican food in Arizona, by providing an experience that focuses on freshness and Central and South American culture, by offering exotic products and fusion of foods and ingredients from several Central and South American countries including Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, El Salvador and others. This combination will focus on freshness and the highest quality ingredients of an electric mix of fresh meats, peppers, beans, cheeses, vegetables, and salsas that provide a fusion of Latin culture and flavor that is not currently found.  Latin Fusion Food’s menu will continue to evolve as Chef Scott visits numerous countries throughout Mexico, Central and South America and learn recipes and ingredients that are particular to different regions and be able to infuse these into his menu.