JALAPENO BOATS – Fresh Jalapeno halves loaded on top with a rich cream cheese tomatillo, lime, and cilantro filling and firmly wrapped with bacon.

NOT YOUR TYPICAL CHORIZO SURPRISE – Baked little tortilla balloons filled with signature Not Your Typical Chorizo and shredded pepper jack cheese and then tied shut with green onion strips.

CHICKEN VERDE PASTRY CUPS – Bite size pastry cups filled with tasty Chicken Verde, then topped with shredded sharp cheese melted on top.

NOT YOUR TYPICAL CHORIZO PASTRY CUPS – Bite size pastry cups filled with Not Your Typical Chorizo made with pork Italian sausage and fresh julienned Poblano and jalapeño chilies, then topped with shredded pepper jack cheese melted on top.

STUFFED TOMATILLOS – Bite size crunchy and tart tomatillo halves filled with a delicious fresh mixture of corn, lime, cilantro and queso fresco.

MOLE CHICKEN SKEWER – Delicious Chicken breast strips marinated in an authentic Guatemalan Mole (made with Mexican Chocolate and dried pasilla and guajillo chilies) and then grilled, basted with more mole, sprinkled with sesame seeds and skewered.

SHRIMP CERVICHE – Luscious shrimp and lobster tail pieces in a lime, tomato, cucumber and green chili salsa. Tilapia, Mahimahi, Bass or other firm white fish.

SPICY CHIPOTLE PORK & BEAN BRUSHETTA – A crunchy bruschetta layered on top with spicy chipotle black beans, shredded chipotle pork and topped with a dollop of chipotle Crème fraiche.

DIABLO EGG TOSTADA – Baked tortilla disks layered on top with black bean puree, slice of pickled egg and garnished with a sliver of roasted red bell pepper, caper and fresh oregano.

SWEET POTATO CAKE TOPPED WITH CREAMY POBLANO YUKON POTATO SALAD – Shredded sweet potato & cotija cheese cake and then topped with Yukon potato salad with bacon, pepper jack cheese and Poblano cream and garnished with green onion.

BEEF TENDERLOIN SATE’ – A marinated tender strip of beef tenderloin on a skewer with accompanied sauces: Tomatillo Lime Cilantro Aioli; Habanero Mango Puree; Spicy Chipotle Puree; Cotija Cheese Crumble and Horseradish; Honey Tamarind Sauce.

Lime Honey Chicken Skewers (Delicious strips of chicken in a honey, lime sauce and grilled to perfection, then topped with lime zest.)