Meat Trays

Meat trays are available in Full and Half pans.

yellowcamDULCE TAMARIND PORK – Juicy shredded sweet pork that is braised to perfection with Dr. Pepper and tamarind, then combined in a gooey, sweet pilomcillo sugar tamarind glaze.

yellowcamNOT YOUR TYPICAL CHORIZO – Made from scratch Chorizo with pork Italian sausage, traditional spices and fresh julienned poblanos and jalapeños.

yellowcamSPICY CHIPOTLE PORK – Tender pork, braised in signature spicy chipotle sauce, then fork shredded.

CHICKEN VERDE – Exploding Chicken Verde recipe marinated in a dry rub and then cooked wok style.  Chicken is plump and moist and full of flavor, then added onions, tomatillos and green chilies cooked with lime.

yellowcamCHICKEN MOLE -   Chicken is cooked in a rich mole sauce inspired from the highlands in Guatemala.  Grinding and roasting, mixing different types of dried chilies, tomatoes, spices, nuts, cinnamon and a little chocolate, this mole recipe will truly inspire!  Chicken is then fork shredded and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

STEAK POBLANO – Tender, juicy Angus steak marinated, then cooked with lime, onions and poblano chilies and then paired with a tasty poblano cream